”Kvalificerad ungkarl och arvtagare till en begåvning: 👏 Hur ser Steve Jobs ensamma son ut? 😍”

Reed Jobs, son of the late Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell, was born on September 22, 1991. He has two siblings and a half-sister from his father’s side. Reed’s name pays homage to Reed College in Portland, where Steve Jobs briefly attended. Steve Jobs emphasized real-world experience over traditional education for his children, including Reed.

Reed initially aspired to a career in medicine, influenced by his father’s battle with cancer. He pursued a summer internship at Stanford University’s medical department at the age of fifteen. However, after his father’s passing, Reed shifted his focus. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in history and international security in 2014, followed by a master’s in the same field.

In his professional life, Reed has dedicated himself to advancing cancer therapy, reflecting his personal connection to the cause. He began his career at Emerson Collective, his mother’s organization, focusing on investments in cancer research. He later founded Yosemite, a venture capital firm focused on innovative cancer treatments.

Reed prefers to keep his personal life private, similar to his father. He prioritizes his career and the impact of medical advancements over public attention.

Regarding similarities in appearance, Reed is known to bear some resemblance to his father, particularly in facial features and mannerisms.

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